The Shitty Kitty situation

I have some seeds that I have planted in two planter pots. They are Coontie Palm Seeds. My thought process was to let them germinate?! as close to what would naturally happen as possible. So I put some decent potting soil in a couple of planter pots and pretty much dropped the seeds on top, barely covering them with dirt.

We went out of town for the weekend camping, and came back to…Shit. Shit all up in my planter pots! And what did I think? What did I think happened? I immediately thought someone had physically picked up shit and placed it in you planter pots!Yes, folks! That’s exactly where my mind went! (You could say I have some trust issues with people in general). I was LIVID!

Husband and I are going back and forth unloading things and it’s hot! And all I could think about was the shit in my planter pots on top of my Coontie seeds!When Husband saw an opportunity to suggest another cause, he took it. “It could have been a cat…”. This struck me as possible but not probable.

Think about it. The cat is obviously let out or left outside. He has the WHOLE WORLD to crap in. Why would he travel to jump up and into my planter pots to take a dump? Well…that’s what happened!We have security cameras. I went through the footage and found the big ole Shitty Kitty! I couldn’t believe it. He’s not a little kitty which explains why the crap looks more like it came from a cocker spaniel than a black and white domestic shorthair.And to add insult to injury…the week before the first Shitty Kitty situation, we had a some Armadillos messing up our pine straw. So I tossed out moth balls all around our pine straw area.

Moth balls are awful! I hate them! But I know they will keep Armadillos and Snakes away. (I’m not bothered by snakes…but those armored pocket Dinosaurs need to move on down the block)So now the front of our house smells like someone’s Great Great Aunt Opal lives here! But this doesn’t bother Shitty Kitty! Nope!

Trying to find some humane way to keep Shitty Kitty out of my planter pots, I went to the store and bought two tomatoes cages. This was not well thought out. If you have seen a tomato cage…the only thing it would keep out is…nothing. So upon figuring this out after I bought them and brought them home, I found two old metal bicycle baskets. They didn’t fit great…but they seemed to cover the dirt and looked like they would allow the sun and rain in, and keep Shitty Kitty out.

I thought I had fixed it. I was wrong. Shitty Kitty came back in the night, knocked one of the baskets off the planter and jump in to shit and pee all over my Coontie seeds once again! I have had many many suggestions from friends, but still haven’t quite figured out how to keep the neighbors cat out of my yard, off my pine straw, and for the love of all that’s holy and good…out of my poor little planter pots with my Coontie Seeds struggling for life!

I’m not certain how much more Shitty Kitty I (or my Coontie seeds) can take. If I find a solution, I will post it. If anyone out there in deep web knows of something… help a gal out, will ya?



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