Water…Why do I find it so hard to stay hydrated?

Why do I find it so hard to stay hydrated?

full drinking glass with slice of lime

Is it because the water down in here in the Low Country tastes strange to me? I mean, we have a filter!

Is it because every single type of hydration drink has been described, by some expert somewhere, as “bad”  for us?  “Too much” this and “too much” that.

assorted bottle and cans

Is it because we had weird bathroom rules at my elementary school (100 years ago) and they wouldn’t let us “go” when we needed to and my mom suggested I don’t drink as much during the school day? I mean, I remember being proud of not having to “Go” the whole day!



Now as an older adult or “Pre-senior” I am privy to all sorts of information on how intensely important it is to stay hydrated.  It goes beyond clear skin.  Being dehydrated can have disastrous effects on our bodies!

So what the hell is my deal?

We know they advise (Still) that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day.  We know that they say it’s good for our skin and helps clear out the ugly toxins that cause acne.  Some suggest water helps our skin glow.  Some experts even suggest that staying hydrated with enough water helps ward off wrinkles!  Magic stuff, right there!

time lapse photography of water bobbling beside lemon fruit


Doctors have advised me, when sick, to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water to pass the virus through my system faster.  While other doctors have just expressed that one tends to become dehydrated during illness due to fever, nausea, diarrhea and we should just make sure to drink plenty of water.

Problems with going #2!  Yup, lack of water aka dehydration can back you up.  That’s always fun! -not!

Did you know you can walk around chronically dehydrated and not even know?  There are experts out there that will tell you that if you wait to drink water until you are thirsty, you have already become dehydrated.  That’s a big no no!

man hand garden growth

Then there are those who drink plenty during the day…but it’s never water.  It’s Coffee and then Soda and maybe a sports drink in there somewhere.  Even though you are consuming liquids to the correct degree, you could be dehydrating your body with those liquids you think are hydrating your body!  WHAT THE WHAT?!?!

Dehydration plays a bigger part in your mental help and capabilities than most of us know.  When you are dehydrated you tend to feel fatigue.  Not all of us relate fatigue as a possible mental health issue.  Basically, if you find yourself outside on a hot day and you’re really tired, you’re probably dehydrated.  Drinking a large bottle of water and finding some place cool to rest for a bit should fix you right up.


adult dark depressed face

If you’re very dehydrated you can actually experience Confusion and Hallucinations.  This is pretty serious.  This is when you need to seek medical assistance immediately.  You will likely need a IV Saline bag…or three.

I worked in an assisted living facility some years back…and when I was pretty new, there was a silver haired, tall, good looking, distinguished man who would come in and explain just how I was meant to do certain tasks and meal times.  He was always dressed in Business casual.  He was well spoken and charming.  I assumed he was an employee, probably in some sort of Managerial or supervisory aspect.  Then I learned he was a resident there.  He was WHAT?  I couldn’t understand it!  I would ask different people who worked there WHY exactly he was there.  He didn’t seem to have any confusion or challenges.  He seemed perfectly healthy.  I just didn’t understand it.  He was there for about 4 weeks before I was told he was being sent to a retirement community.  (Not assisted living)  “But then, why was he here in the first place?” I asked.  It turns out he had become dehydrated and that caused confusion, disorientation, and some questionable behavior.  So they treated him but had to evaluate him for however long, to make sure there was no other lingering issues.  WOW!  I had never heard of such a thing.  And all because he was dehydrated!  That was so scary for me!  So you would think I started making an effort to drink plenty of water every day, right?  Nah

person people woman hand

I’ve experienced muscle cramps and strange twitches from dehydration.  The twitches where it feels like you’re constantly winking, or twitches at the corner of your mouth where you feel like you LOOK like you’re smirking at people!  Every time I have to find a mirror to make sure I’m not making these faces and unsuspecting people!  Rarely can you ever noticed it looking at me.  But boy does it feel like it’s noticeable!

I’ve heard stories of bladder infects, and UT infections caused in part from not drinking enough water.  I don’t want to be a member of that club!  So I started drinking more water, right?  Wrong again!

cold cool drink field

Here is an excerpt from New Vision Printing and Publishing Company’s article:
The dehydration process is essentially compounding itself and producing inflammation throughout the body.  
Inflammation has become the new buzzword among doctors and healthcare professionals. Chronic inflammation can lead to a laundry list of serious medical conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, cancer, obesity, pain disorders, depression and arthritis to name a few.
addiction aid bottle capsule
And this one further in the article is horrifying!
Cancer cells are produced normally in the body from birth to death. These mutated cells float around in the blood and can develop into tumours and masses.

Cancer cells are flagged rejects by one’s immune system and they are marked for destruction. Dehydration reduces the overall volume of blood and lymphatic fluids that are integral in a healthy immune system response.

This last one puts water more and more on the forefront of my mind.  I still struggle.  I don’t consider anything an “alternative” to water.  We drink a lot of Flavored Soda Water in our family.  I guess that’s a step above soda, but still not a substitute for H2O.
I’ve got a plan, tho.  I’m going to attempt drinking 8 small glasses of water a day.  That’s half what they suggest but still substantially more than the Zero glasses of water I drink now.  Wish me luck!
clear drinking glass filled with clear liquid and sliced of kiwi

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