Being a Tourist in our own area: Savannah, Ga to Hilton Head, SC with Northridge Theater Review

So we decided to get out and be “Tourists” in our own little “Vacationland” Yesterday. Started out by popping down to Savannahs River Street to have a late lunch at Joes Crab Shack on the river. We sat outside and waved at the various boats full of happy Tourists and locals. We enjoyed or various seafood plates and got fun drinks in fun souvenir glasses.

The weather was really in our favor. It was overcast but not Gloomy. It could have been bright, sunny, and a heat index of over 120F! So the 92F wasn’t that bad!

Jayda overlooking Savannah River on deck at Joes Crab Shack River Street Savannah
Jayda overlooking Savannah River on deck at Joes Crab Shack River Street Savannah

I’m not exactly sure what I was doing that was funny…other than just being old and adorkable.

We walked down to Wet Willies and got small drinks (Like spiked slushies’ or slurries) to walk around with. Mark got a standard Pina colada. I tried the mango. His tasted nice, mine tasted like apricot baby food. Jayda (Our kid) asked how I knew what baby food tastes like. Well, I have had three babies! And I would always taste the baby food before I fed it to them! Is that weird? It didn’t seem weird to me. I digress…

Wet Willies River Street Savannah

Made our way up some scary stairs back to our truck “Big Blue” and headed back to Beaufort County.

We totally totally forgot all of the actual tourests come in on Saturday afternoons. *Head Smack* So getting on the island “Hilton Head” was Stupid. After about ten minutes of road rage, we get to the shopping center where the theater is.

Outside Northridge Movie Theater Hilton Head SC

North Ridge Theater is in a Shopping complex that is aproximately 20 years old. Its under some established Oak, Palms, and Crape Myrtles.

Some of the reviews reguarding the aestetics for this theater and/or shopping center are on the negative side. But let me offer you this viewpoint. This is an Older Shopping Center on an Island in the Low Country. We may not have hurricanes every year, but we get some pretty monsterous rain and tropical storms. Flooding, Heat, Wind. When you drive in and look at the trees and parking lot, through the eyes of recogition, that this Shopping complex has survived, #1Tourist Seasons #2Hurricane Seasons #3Flood Seasons #4and many many summer days that are as hot as the Devils Toenails…surely you can appreciate its endurance!

So, it’s not the newest! Who Cares! I think it’s charming. I can appreciate the wood siding and being tucked back and away from the insanity of the main drag!

So, we park and Go in. Right off the bat we see that the ticket office has turned into a self service kiosk. I know there are a LOT of “Self service haters” out there. Not everyone can see the benefits of this. If you have ever owned a business or even MANAGED a business you understand that there is no such thing as making everyone happy. There is no true “One size fits all” and there are always going to be complainers. In this Bloggers opinion, the Self Service Kiosk was great, easy, and efficient. It was as easy as…I walked up, clicked on the movie “The Incredibles 2” and the number of tickets. I was taken to a screen that then let me choose what seating we wanted. I clicked the three seats, swiped our credit card, recipts were spit out and That was That.

Did I mention we had never been to this movie theater…EVEN THO WE LIVE HERE?!?!? Crazy, I know!

Inside Northridge cinema Hilston Head SC.jpg

So I’m looking around, Kid runs to the loo, and Mark says “Look!”

They have a Beer and Wine Bar in the movie theater! We start laughing and make a beeline to find out the 411.

Northridge movie theater beer bucket Hilton Head Island SC
Beer bucket Mich Ultra

A nice lady follows in behind us and runs behind the bar. So we start asking questions. Do we have to drink IN the bar? Can we take a beer into the movie? Is this real? We were told we didn’t HAVE to drink in the bar. We could take a drink into the movie, in fact, would we like a bucket of beer?

I was beside myself! HOW FUN! We ordered our bucket of beer. Jayda got her Popcorn and Slushy, and we headed into the “Incredibles 2”


Beer and the Incredibles 2 at Northridge Theater HHI
Beer and the Incredibles 2 at Northridge Theater HHI

We find our reserved seats. The rows were spaced out in such a way that I didn’t feel like people were on top of me. I didn’t feel like a sardine in a can of 100 sardines.

Reclining Seats in theater Northridge Cinema Hilton Head SC

In the South, in the summer, it’s not always great to be sitting really close to a lot of people. We have people come to our Vacationland from all over the world. Not everyone has the same opinion on deodorant and body odor. And just to stop you before you think it’s this or that type of person…they are ALL walks, all ages, and all economic statures. I don’t know. Maybe “Stinky” is in vogue . I’ve never been on top of the trends. Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, Kristen Stewart, Matthew McConaughey…Just an example of Famous NON-Showering stinky people.

This is a trend I’ll avoid like the plague, however! Again, I digress…

So, the seating. The Seating Reclines! WHAT???? So here we are, the three of us, Reclined back, feet up, Drink/Snacks and a Bucket of Beer. Jayda chose to not partake in the beer bucket. She had a few reasons. She thinks beer is gross, she prefers cherry slushys, she is extreemly underage, and we wouldnt let her even if she didn’t think beer is gross. #responsible_parenting #Wait_another_9_kid #Istillthinkbeerisgross  #I’m_An_Adult_soIDrinkItAnyway

We enjoyed the movie emensly! How would we not? It’s “The Incredilbes2” I mean, come on! We had to bring our Hoodies into the theater because, I believe, they have the AC set at 70F. This is a bit chilly when you are dressed for 90+ and 99% Humidity. But, again, it was a good thing (stinky people)



So if you are finding yourself in Hilton Head on Vaca, or any other part of the Low Country or Coastal Empire, and you want to catch a movie, or maybe it’s a rainy day…This is a fun experience and 2nd only to watching in your own home!

We will DEFINATLY be back to NorthRidge Movie theater. It was such a fun Saturday!

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