Top 9 plants to keep cats from crapping in your yard

Have I got your attention? If I have, then you may be fighting the same battle I am. Or maybe you have battled this in the past. I have not Tried these of yet. But I’m in a battle!

I have 1-3 new piles of shite every night that it doesn’t storm. And now they are coming when they are sick! I have a turd pile with bright yellow yard mixed in it and possibly masking tape?

The culprits are three cats from the same house. I know specifically do to simple technology.

If you have the right cameras, gone are the days of “not my cat”

So here is what is going to be on my shopping list-

  1. Rue Rue-Ruta-Graveolens-Seeds-Grass-Medicinal-plant-insecticide-efficacy
  2. Lemmon grassLemongrass_plant
  3. LavenderHitchin_lavender_fields Wikimedia.jpg
  4. Sagesage-plants-
  5. PennyroyalPennyRoyal plant
  6. Lemmon thymelemon-thyme-
  7. Lemon scented Goldcrest CypressLemon Scented Goldcrest Cypress
  8. Citronella (Pelargonium citronellum)citronella plant
  9. Rosemaryrosemary plant

I have started my task. I tried other alternatives with no luck. Orange peels, then whole oranges. Moth balls…this did deter the armadillos for a short while, but did nothing to deter the cats using my pine straw as a huge litter box. Pepper powder might work if we didn’t have a rainy season right now.

In a perfect world, Pet owners would pick up after their pets.  Alas…

I’m going to try to encourage these Shitty Kitties to take their business elsewhere, by planting these different plants in the area where they poop.  Fingers Crossed!


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