Facts about Pet Ownership in the U.S.: It’s estimated that 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats are owned in the United States. Approximately 44% of all households in the United States have a dog, and 35% have a cat. Approximately 40% of dog owners and 46% of cat owners learned about their pet through word of mouth.

We, like 35% of the population, have a cat. She is a great cat. She is a Modern Siamese. (This means she is one of the weird looking ones) She was the Runt of the litter. We weren’t suppose to have the runt of the litter, but the breeder (who shall remain nameless) accidently put the wrong kitten in the carrier. We did not know this for 3 days. Then we were advised it “was in our best interest to keep our mouths shut”.
Thats how it started.

The “Runt” of the litter had been prenamed “Baby”. She had a few medical problems and had to be fed through a dropper. She also had something wrong with one of her eyes. Aparently she was the first kitten that this breeder was able to succesffuly keep alive through feeding through a dropper. (She wouldn’t nurse…that is why she had to be fed through a dropper) So “Baby” lived, the vet signed off on the eye problem and she was meant to go to a different home. A home who “Signed up” for the Runt AKA Baby.

Within the first week, or maybe two, “Baby” who will now be refered to as “Spirit” found a Bee, Ant, or Spider (inside our house) to bite her paw. Now we didn’t SEE this happen. And we don’t and won’t let her outside. So, this weird thing happened in our house. Now, of course, I didn’t KNOW she was biten by a bug. But her Paw swelled up to twice the size of the other paws. I rush her to the Emergency vet, they check her for ALL sorts of things, because again, I couldn’t tell them what happened. I didnt see a bug bite her. They took xrays, they did blood samples, and IV and findally figured out what it was and what it wasnt. Sent us home, and she survived it.

It wasn’t really life threatening for her to begin with, but being so small, so young, and having found out she was the “Sickly Runt” I was beside myself with worry!

Flash forward to New Years Eve. We had some friends over and were playing games when Spirit let us know, in NO uncertain terms, that she was in Heat! She was either VERY proud of this or VERY much freaking out herself. But it was LOUD and Ludacris. Our house has Hard wood floors and high ceilings, so it is VERY echo’y!

Why didn’t I have her Spayed before this? Because she was So Small Still. Not Like my past Modern Siamese. He was tall and lanky and had substance. This line, however, is very very petite, in my opinion. So I waited until I was forced. So the next day or so I called and scheduled for when she was out of heat to have her Spayed. Easy Squeesy!

Except when she was Spayed, they just gave me a Cone of Shame and told me not to let her Lick her stitches! Um…ok, but how am I goiing to keep the Cone of Shame on her??? She’s a Modern Siamese. 20+ years ago, in some parts of the country they were called Wedge Heads. There was NO way she was going to keep that Cone on.
I start complaining about this on Facebook, and I can’t remember exactly if a FB Friend suggested the PJs or if I found them through scrolling other options Facebook Friends were suggesting. Either way, I found the Cats Pajamas!

I ordered the Suitical Recovery Suit ASAP. They were a LIFE SAVER! They were much like an infant onsie. They have Snaps that go behind the back legs. Kind of like Crotchless Panties. Crude, I know. AND YES, I’m aware of all the possibilities with jokes! I’ve heard some of them, made some of them, and can only imagine the ones that could still be made up. But Spirit has to be able to “Go pee” or “Poo” and these snaps allow that.

So the Cats Pajamas allowed her to heal, eat and drink normally, and go to the bathroom, without the ability to mess wth her stitches.

But wait, theres more!!!

Spirit is a very engaging cat. We call her “Not a cat” because she is not aloof, or bored. She’s not Stuffy and Condescending. She’s more Dog like, actually, with her need to be with us. Play with us. Sit with us. Be involved in what we are doing. And she is very very affectionate, in her own way. Problem is, her way is “love bites”.

Yup, “Love Bites”

In Spirits world, she is giving affectionate kisses. And during the day, we don’t have a problem with this. However, she decided that she needed to do this during Sleepy Time! When I’m Sound Asleep and she bites the back of my knee, or my Belly…I don’t care that she thinks she is being affectionate! It startles me and wakes me up!

This was becoming a problem. Everyone thought it was funny! Heck, I thought it was funny, when it wasn’t happening. But I was loosing sleep. Then I remembered how calm she was when she wore her Pajamas aka Suitical Recovery Suit. So I put her Pajamas back on at bedtime, one night, to see if she would calm down and NOT decide I needed love bites.

It worked! On My HONOR! I have been putting Pajamas aka Suitical Recovery Suit on the cat ever since. She doesn’t fight me. I have owned a cat that this would have been an impossibility with. Trust me, If you’re reading this thinking “No way could I put pajamas on my cat” I totally understand. Some cats do NOT have the temperment for this.

But if you have a cat who has had surgery, or is “Wild” at night, or nervous in different circumstances like: Thunder, 4th of July, Family with children visiting…I would suggest the Suitical Recovery Suit for Cats Camo . It really has helped us.


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