AMAZON Prime Day


What is all the hubbub about?  Well, it’s the second half of Amazon Prime Day. 36 Hours of Deals for Amazon Prime members only.  What’s so great about being an Amazon Prime Member?  Well, that depends.  Do you do any online shopping?  And if you do, do you prefer your items to be shipped asap?  Well, Amazon Prime allows you to purchase your items to be delivered in 2 days.  (I love this!  I can’t stand waiting 7-10 to receive my purchase…I have an immediate satisfaction problem)  But if you don’t seem to do much online shopping, they have Free Tv/Movies!  We cut the cord a while ago.  I can’t even imagine going back.  My husband enjoys Big Budget Movies, which Amazon has in Spades!  I’m more a Documentary, or thriller junky…and I have no problems finding things to watch!  The Cost is typically $12.99 a month or $119 a year.   This is less, typically, than you are paying for Cable TV with Premium channels.  This is slightly more than you pay for your Premium Sams/Costco membership…yes.  But you don’t get TV and Music with Sams/Costco at the moment.

College students catch a break with Amazon Prime. 




While Amazon is still trying to keep up with the huge influx of orders on Prime Day, with a little patience you can get your order through.  If you order Christmas Present, Birthday Presents, Wedding Presents, or just buy Dog food, and groceries online…I highly recommend trying Amazon Prime.


So, take advantage of the 30 free trial and see what you have been missing!


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