RevitalU Coffee and Smartcaps- Is it worth it? Well…




Alright folks. I’ve sent out the RevitalU Coffee Single samples. I have had questions about Price and other options aside from coffee

Price First. This coffee will seem expensive to people who
A. Buy tried and true “Folgers”
B. People who do not drink coffee every day
C. People who don’t need an extra boost or appetite suppressant.

For the “A” people. If you have enough energy to last you through the day without having to drink a POT of coffee or buy other drinks/supplements for a boost of energy-This is not for you. I’m serious. I’m not trying to sell Coffee to just anyone. Not just anyone needs this RevitalU coffee.

Addressing the “B” people- They have pills. The pill form are called “SmartCaps“. I haven’t tried them. I won’t. I already take a handful of Vitamins and I loath pills. I do not know if these work or work as well. I am willing to bet they do. I would have never expected the RevitalU coffee to work as well as it does. Truth in Advertising is a tiny reason why I fell in love with this RevitalU coffee!

And finally you “C” people! I envy you! Don’t bother with this coffee. Wake up every day and feel blessed! You could rule the world, and are probably already ruling your personal world! Congratuations! (That reads sarcastic, but it’s not! Seriously. **Well that also reads sarcastic, but I’m not trying to be! I am envious, however)

RevitalU is for the tired, the weak, the weary. For the OverEater or stress eater. For the foggy head and dazed. If you are consuming large quantities of coffee, or soda…5 hour energy or monsters. If you are spending extra money to make it through the day…This may be your answer. For $1.33 a day (Which translates to $39.99 a month) you could actually make it through the day!

I’m not selling a “Drink”. Nope. I mean, this coffee is fine. But it’s not Kopi Luwak aka (Cat poop coffee in our house. No, we don’t buy it. No, we haven’t tried it. And NOPE we couldn’t’ afford it!)
I’m trying to reach those individuals like me. Plain and simple. You know who you are. If you do the math for what you spend on coffee and extras to keep you awake, then you know RevitalU is the less expensive option.

If you have already tried the samples and they worked for you…order it. If you have tried the samples and you can’t see a difference…Save your money. If you haven’t tried, take the plunge! What have you got to lose? It’s 3 samples. That’s three days for you to figure out if it’s worth it. And don’t feel bad if it’s NOT! I can’t imagine this works exactly the same for everyone. It doesn’t even work the same on Mark and I! But we both love it!

So here is the breakdown:
RevitalU Coffee tub
$39.99 monthly purchase or $49.99 one time purchase.

RevitalU Coffee Sticks/singles (box of 30)
$44.99 monthly purchase or $54.99 one time purchase

RevitalU Smartcaps
$39.99 monthly purchase or $49.99 one time purchase


And remember…

Just one cup a day is all it takes!


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