Q. Why do we love this big rugged Bluetooth speaker? A. It’s because it’s big and rugged like us!

Ion Explorer Outback Bluetooth Speaker  An All-terrain Speaker for all-day music!

What can I say about this speaker…

Ion Explorer Outback is a bear! It was a gift for my husband. He wanted something that we could take to the beach or pool. Something that we could take camping so that he could listen to music outside by the campfire. It needed to be hardy and rugged. Not specifically because of the activities we had planned for it, so much as we are just hard on our belongings.

You have heard of “Life Proof“? We require “Bright Proof“!

So I found the Outback after minimal research. It just looked like it could handle anything we would do it with. Reading the description verified it.

We are an active family. We live in “Vacationland” aka (Low Country SC). We go camping regularly. And finally, our area has enough Tropical storm and Hurricane warnings to keep you on your toes!
Living in “Vacationland” means we go to the River and Beach often. While I do enjoy the sounds of nature, Mark would prefer something more akin to Classic Rock.
Also, when we have our hurricane warnings, it’s always a comfort to know that we have essentially a large USB power bank with AM/FM radio to keep our phones charged and weather alerts on.

I know I know, you think “Why not just charge in your car?” Well, there are always times when you don’t realize your battery is on 8% and it’s 11:49PM and you don’t want to take your phone to your car for 30 minutes and it’s much more convenient to just plug into the Outback and go to bed…(Or huddle in a closet with helmets on because a tornado is in the area)

Moving along…
Our Camper does have an outdoor entertainment system, but it doesn’t have a microphone to sing along!

If you are in the market for a powerful rugged and portable Bluetooth speaker…just check this out!

The Ion Explorer Outback has:
1. IPX4 Waterproof/Splash-proof and safe in the rain
2.Rugged design
3. Built-in rechargeable battery lasts 100 hours! (wow!)
4. Telescoping handle and wheels for easy portability.
5. 100-watt dynamic power amplifier and 8-inch 2-way speaker
6. Built in AM/FM radio
7. Bluetooth to stream wirelessly
8. It comes with a microphone so you can announce the next song, or if you are brave, you can sing with the next song
9. 1/8-inch (3.5mm) aux input for non-Bluetooth devices
10. LED light bar with multi-color illumination
11. USB ports for charging your phone or table, can also be used for small USB wired items like fans or flashlights
12. Link output for connecting to another Explorer Outback

We love this speaker so much! We have had it in the front yard in early evening on the weekends several times for “front yard Karaoke”. It’s easy to go on YouTube for videos with lyrics and sing your heart out! While it’s not small enough to stick in your pocket. And you can’t attach it to your bicycle…For any kind of Party, or any kind of weather system threatening your house or power, this is a MUST HAVE!


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