The King Sized sleeping bag for the Big Couples


Big Big Sleeping Bag! You’re not likely to have seen one quite this size before!  It’s Magnificent, really!

Alrighty then! If this peaked your interest, it’s probably because you have never SEEN such a big sleeping bag! This is Crazy Big! Let me explain to you how we ended up buying it. Hurricane Season!

We live in Coastal SC. “The Low Country”. We had to evacuate in 2016 and it was a MESS!  We had family far enough away that we loaded up and headed out.  We were the lucky ones.  So many of our friends and neighbors were very unlucky with finding hotels, that weren’t already booked from Floridians getting out of Dodge.  And lets not forget the panic (in the beginning) of trying to find accommodations that took the fur babies as well!  We say we live in Paradise, but it as it’s drawbacks…believe you me!

Come 2017 hurricane season!  We had a “System” that was starting to look tricky!  We had a Pontoon that had hardly been used at all due to all the Pop Up storms.  It was simple.  Loose the Toon and buy a trailer!

So we have a cute little Travel Trailer we named “Travel Baby”.  33 ft with one slide out.  Bunk house edition.  AWESOME!  until….FITTED SHEETS!  

The Bane of All Campers!  Our Master Suite has the cove style bed.  I’m sure this is not the technical term for it.  But it’s tucked back between two small closets about 2.5 ft.  This means I have to climb up on the bed, bend over so I don’t pop my skull on the cave incline, and pull up on the corners of the mattress to get the Fitted Shit, I mean Fitted Sheet on.  Then the other corner…where, inevitably the first corner pops off.  I’m not great with this in the house where I can get to ALL FOUR CORNERS without looking like I’m wrestling an alligator! 

Then IDEA!  I don’t know if it was Mark or myself….but Zipping two sleeping bags together like we did in the “Olden” days tent camping!  But all our sleeping bags had malfunctioning zippers!  So I started on Amazon to buy two, only to realize “Hey Mark, we aren’t skinny like in the OLDEN DAYS!  And that led to searching for 1 MEGA Sleeping bag!

We found it!  WildHorn King Cove Premium Double Sleeping Bag is 86″L x 72″W  So it’s big enough for us to fit comfortably in it (with 2 dogs and 1 cat) but the BIG seller was the Removable Washable Interior Liner!  I don’t ever ever ever have to fight and wrestle with the Fitted Shit, I mean Fitted Sheets again! 

It has a couple of bells and whistles too!  The WildHorn King Cove Double Sleeping Bag has two Pillow Stash pockets so your pillows don’t slip all over.  It also has a “Stash” pocket that we will assume you put your wallet in and not actually your “Stash”.  But I’m not here to judge…

It also has a TruTemp for optimal comfort, not “survival” in tempatures down to 30F/-1C.  That means you will sleep cozy and not miserably!  Mark will tell you I turn the AC on “Deep Freeze” and it’s right above our bed in the camper!  He sleeps like a snug bug in a rug! 

You can separate the top and bottom to make to single sleeping bags.  We haven’t done this in that it wasn’t purchased for that. 

I will say, however…this might be a big much for “Rustic” or “Backpack” camping.  It’s a monster sleeping bag and it doesn’t fold up into anything small!  It’s a bit heavy for me as well.  This is definitely more for taking to a tent direct from a Vehicle or keeping in a camper.  I can’t imagine trekking through the woods with this and everything else like a tent, food supplies, and so forth. 

Bottom line is the Wildhorn King Cove Double Sleeping Bag is a quality product that I would recommend to people who are in need of a quality sleeping bag.  It’s not cheap, but it’s well made. 

So, for all those adventurers out there, all those RVers who DISPISE the Fitted Sheet Fight, for all those cold weather tent campers…I highly recommend this sleeping bag.  For the Hiking to rustic campsite Gurus… maybe.  I don’t have any info on the weight of this beast. 


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