I’ve fallen into direct sales and I can’t get up! It’s Coffee! I’m selling magic coffee!

Revitalu Coffee, High Level of Antioxidants, Metabolism Boosters, Powerful Appetite Suppressant, Enhanced Energy Levels, Lowers Blood Sugar Levels, Lowers Cholesterol

Ok. Here we go…I have never been in Direct Sales before. It always seemed like a lot of work and there was never a product that made me “want” to sell it.

I suffer from pretty extreme fatigue. To make it through the day I would have approximately 4 cups of coffee in the early am, and then a Starbucks Doubleshot espresso around lunchtime and sometimes another one late afternoon. This is when my day would not allow for a nap. Most days did, tho. I would nap most days.

Napping sounds luxurious to most people. But not for me. It was a necessity. I wanted to be like “most” people and go through MOST days without a nap instead of the other way around.

Enter Jen (my friend)

Husband, Kid and I went to the pool and started chatting with some friends. “Jen” causally mentions this “coffee” that she fell in love with. It was helping her with energy and appetite. Well! This peaked my interest! She got me 3 samples and by day 2 I was sold!

My first day I drank the coffee around 9 or 10. It worked…but it worked too well! I had trouble going to sleep that night! So on day 2 I made sure it was my first am coffee (between 530 and 6) and then had my second (regular Folgers cup) after that.

It was simply awesome the whole day! That night I was able to go to sleep like I normally do(in that nothing was out of the ordinary for me)

So talking it over with the Hubs, we bought the coffee.

coffee, energy, appetite suppression, mental focus, clarity
Coffee for energy, weight loss, clarity

Mark started drinking it in the morning along with me once we received it. He started to tell me, once he would come home from work, how much better he felt in the a.m. Then after a few days it occurred to him that HIS appetite had diminished greatly! I say “occurred” because I literally saw the moment of recognition when we were talking about MY diminished appetite. So, the take away is that it had suppressed our appetite in such a way that it wasn’t hard! We didn’t have to “try”. It just happened!

Fast forward to yesterday. After we have been drinking RevitalU and it HONESTLY working for us as advertised (that is a BIG deal to me) I decided to start selling it! I’m not trying to pay a mortgage selling this coffee! I just found myself “selling” it to my friends because I believe in it so much! I figured I might as well get credit for it!

Also, I know there are others like me. I know there are people who struggle with fatigue. Maybe they don’t have the fatigue I have, but find themselves eating a little more or a little more often than they would like. I just know this stuff works.

I have plenty of friends who are in some sort of direct sales. I never thought I would do it! I couldn’t be bothered. Or nothing made me feel like it was worth it. But this…this is coffee!

If you can’t be bothered with a lot of fuss(like me). And don’t want to deal with “meal plans” (like me). If you know you won’t remember to make the shakes, or take the pills (like me). But you know you drink a cup of coffee before you brush your teeth and get dressed…this is worth a try! This isn’t a change to your routine. It’s just a switch of coffee for your first cup! K.I.S.S.
Keep It Simple Sweety

***Benefits of drinking 1 cup of RevitalU coffee in the morning: High Level of Antioxidants, Metabolism Boosters, Powerful Appetite Suppressant, Enhanced Energy Levels, Lowers Blood Sugar Levels, Lowers Cholesterol


Coffee for people who need it


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